French Athlete Poops His Shorts & Collapses But STILL Finishes Rio Olympics Race Walk! Watch… If You Can Stomach It!

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Tough, tough day for Yohann Diniz at the 50-kilometer race walk event this morning.

The French world record holder had multiple problems at the grueling event, beginning when he suffered what is being called a “gastrointestinal accident” about 15 kilometers into the race at the Olympics in Rio.

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Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like, and Diniz ran much of the race with an unidentified substance oozing down the back of his legs, as you can see from screengrabs of the event (below):


A few wet sponges stuffed down the back of his pants seemed to quell the, um, issues for a while there.

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And as the tweet says, he not only sh*t himself, but he also collapsed later during the event while he was in the lead, and was attended to by medics (below):


He lost his lead, as you’d expect, and was never able to streak back into medal contention because of the second delay.

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Fortunately for the 38-year-old, he finished the race — a persistence that drew support from viewers in spite of his very embarrassing public issues (below):

Poor guy. We feel just awful he couldn’t sneak in the backdoor and at least finish number two, er, win a silver medal!

At least he pushed really hard at the end, and closed things out strongly in the finish!

[Image via NBC.]

Aug 19, 2016 2:17pm PDT

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