One Of Donald Trump’s Campaign Offices Is Literally Being Run By A 12-Year-Old Boy! FOR REAL!!!

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Who knew that John Oliver‘s joke from Sunday night was going to be so timely… and so true?!

A 12-year-old boy in Jefferson County, Colorado is helping to head up the local campaign office for Donald Trump by running the show, reaching out to volunteers and voters, and trying to get the community to vote for the real estate mogul.

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Wait… what??

Weston Imer, who isn’t even yet a teenager, is the daily operations point man for Trump’s Jefferson County field office — and it sounds like he’s actually taking to it pretty well!

TV station KMOV reported that the boy, while technically not the person legally in charge — his mom is the one responsible for the office on paper — he does most of the work in trying to convince adults decades older than him to vote for The Donald.

Furthermore, Jefferson County is a REALLY tight county race in what will be a swing state in Colorado — and Trump is going to entrust it to a kid?!

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Watch Imer’s full interview (below)!!!

Just keep telling yourself this is not The Onion… this is not The Onion… this is not The Onion

Now, if only the kid could teach Trump about how to use the internet!

Ha! Crazy!!

[Image via KDVR/JLN Photography/WENN.]

Aug 22, 2016 6:18pm PDT

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