Donald Trump Implies Morning Joe Hosts Are Having An Affair — See The CRAZY Twitter War That Followed!

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Who told Donald Trump this was a good idea?!

Inexplicably this morning, The Donald decided it was the perfect time to wage a wild Twitter war with a morning talk show on a cable TV network — and this, just days after shaking up his campaign staff in order to stay on message for the election!

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Early this morning, Trump tweeted that he was tuning into Morning Joe, a cable news talk show hosted every day by Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski, but evidently something was wrong.

Trump viciously attacked the two hosts, who had been on air discussing how bad a week he had with controversies and scandals all around, by tweeting (below):


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Donald, put the phone down, don’t keep tweeting-oh-no-here it comes:


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Dropping a BOMB of an affair accusation, Trump might have gone a bit too far, eh?!

Scarborough fired back a few hours later, first responding (below):

And later commenting on the ratings accusations (below):

Scarborough also took the time to retweet some other people who had things to say about Trump’s asinine comments, including (below):


As for Brzezinski, she retweeted this tweet from a Hillary Clinton staffer, but has otherwise been quiet on the matter:


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A few hours later, after the controversy started to peak on Twitter, Scarborough tweeted another statement from Trump’s new campaign manager with the perfect emoji to reflect the entire situation (below):

YES!!! The SHADE!!!

Another black mark for Trump…

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Aug 22, 2016 2:53pm PDT

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