US Gymnastics Star Laurie Hernandez Totally Loses It Over Surprise Message From Favorite Voice Coach Adam Levine! Watch!

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Laurie Hernandez is seriously so adorable!

The Olympics star, a member of the US Women’s Gymnastics Team’s Final Five at just sixteen years old, is in a whirlwind of positivity after her Rio heroics over the past two weeks!

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She’s still a teen at heart, though, as she proved in an interview with NBC‘s Ryan Seacrest from Rio over the weekend — because a surprise celeb appearance COMPLETELY threw her off her game!!

The gymnast told Seacrest all about her love for Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera from The Voice, with the silver medalist admitting when asked about it by Seacrest (below):

“Adam keeps winning so I like Adam because of that. And Christina [Aguilera] is awesome too. Even when I was younger, just in the gym, my coach would put on a Christina CD and we would listen to her the whole time.”


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That was Seacrest’s cue, because he dropped a BOMB on the athlete, informing her that Levine had made a video specifically for Laurie, and then sharing it on live TV with Laurie’s reaction right there!!

In the shared video message, Levine said:

“What’s up, Laurie? This is Adam Levine. Just wanted to say hello. Congratulations, you’re kicking butt out there and we’ve been watching you from the States. Excellent work.”

So cute!!

And Laurie went CRAZY for it, as you can tell (below)!!!

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LOLz!! Love the total fan girl moment!!

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Put on the spot, Laurie shared her own video message in response back to Adam, which is the cutest thing EVER!

Ch-ch-check out the entire thing — and the whole fun interview — go down (below):

She is so adorable and photogenic! We can’t wait for more big things from her!!

[Image via NBC.]

Aug 22, 2016 1:56pm PST

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