Federal Judge Blocks President Obama’s Move To Make All Public School Bathrooms Transgender-Friendly

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Way to represent, Texas…

As you probably remember, North Carolina became the laughingstock of the United States earlier this year when it tried to implement a series of bigoted bathroom bills aimed at the transgender community.

While most Americans condemned N.C. for its treatment of its LGBT citizens, we’re sad to say yet another state is currently discriminating against trans individuals.

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Apparently, President Barack Obama issued a ruling back in May that would make it so every public school had to allow its students to use the bathroom and locker room that matched with their gender identity.

However, Texas Judge Reed O’Connor took it upon himself to block Obama’s move late Sunday evening, and we’re hearing 13 states have now banded together to sue the Education and Justice Departments over their trans-friendly law.

Basically, as it stands now, public schools will NOT have to guarantee rights to transgender students, and they can’t face funding cuts because of it either… that is, until the federal government appeals the decision.

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What’s worse is that Reed actually acknowledged that his order is discriminatory… it just also happens to be protected by law, saying:

“The plain meaning of the term ‘sex’ meant the biological and anatomical differences between male and female students as determined at their birth, [not gender identity].”

Using legal definitions to ignore common sense rulings sure is shady, Reed.

Luckily, the Justice Department is already reviewing their options on how to retaliate, so hopefully our schools will be safe for everyone come the Fall semester.

We cannot wait to see how Barack and the rest of the sane politicians in D.C. react to this one!

[Image via CNN.]

Aug 22, 2016 3:08pm PDT

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