Boat Humping, The L-Word, & Ashley’s Crying Power — Get The Lowdown On Another WILD Bachelor In Paradise Episode!

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What a night on Bachelor In Paradise!!

The eliminated wouldn’t leave, the in-love fell apart, the bizarre became perfect, and… Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton made out. Again. Ha!!!

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Last night’s episode of BIP may not have been as openly wild as some of the early ones this season, but it carried no shortage of intense show-altering drama all the same!

Here’s what you need to know, and it starts with Ashley Iaconetti, who cried, and cried, and cried, and cried… and cried!!!

The heavy cryer was thrown out of Mexico during the men’s rose ceremony midway through the show (spoiler alert: so was Sarah Herron!), but she crawled her way back in by getting in close with the group in a post-elimination plea!!!

Ashley was mad she only spent two days on the island — isn’t there, like, more to this place, she wondered — and got the entire group together after her elimination to ask if she could stick around.

Against Jared Haibon‘s wishes, the entire group said yes! So Ashley was eliminated, and then… not eliminated.

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Gone for good, though, was Sarah. She had tried to get on Canadian Daniel Maguire‘s good side, but it just didn’t work — the Canuck gave his rose to the twins, Emily and Haley Ferguson.

Sorry, Sarah! Happy trails!!

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In other news, Carl King and Brett Melnick showed up as the two news guys, and both immediately made an impression on the ladies — in Carl’s case, with Emily, and in Brett’s case, with Caila Quinn.

That’s right!!! Caila, who had been attached to Jared AT THE HIP decided to go out on a date with Brett, but things… kinda didn’t go so well.

A booze cruise was the call of the day (in what ended up being a double date with Carl and Emily), and while it looked fun and kinda wild, it was not Caila’s scene. The entire time, she told the camera later, she was thinking about Jared.


At least Carl and Emily had a good time, though! They got a little crazy, did a little dry humping, you know, just a normal first date! Ha!!!

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Later in the show, Ryan Beckett showed up and asked Haley out — and it looks like those two REALLY hit it off! Yay!!

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Awkwardly, the power couple that was Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera is now no more, after Izzy saw Brett and decided that she wanted to be with him! What the what!?

After Izzy told Vinny she was going to go after Brett, the poor New Jersey boy was none too happy, saying to the camera:

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. You’re gonna talk to some dude for 10 minutes, and you’re gonna throw everything we have out the window? Because he looks good? With jeans and f–king sandals, rolled up? F–k outta here.”


All that clouded over an otherwise cute last half of the show, including a situation where Grant Kemp dropped the L-bomb (yes, that L-bomb) on Lace Morris.

Ok, so she didn’t exactly say it back to him (WTF?!), but it was super sweet and cute of Grant all the same, and we are TOTALLY feeling it!!!

What did you think of the episode last night, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

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Aug 23, 2016 10:27am PDT

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