Alleged Dog Rapist Dragged Naked From Home And Beaten After Animal Rights Activists Discover ‘Evidence’ He Posted Online

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A man in Chengdu, China was recently assaulted by animal rights activists and neighbors after allegedly running a “dog brothel” and raping a number of dogs — on film.

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According to online footage, the naked man was dragged out of his house by an angry mob who physically beat him as activists held banners that read:

“Pervert sexually assaulted female dogs, going against morality.”

The unidentified man was put into administrative detention for suspected animal abuse and for distributing videos of the sexual assault for profit.

Undercover activists started contacting the man after he began posting videos of animal abuse in an online group chat with over 200 members.

The man had reportedly not only adopted the canines for sexual abuse, but he even offered chat members the opportunity to “rape female dogs in a way that serves us all.”

Jiang Yun, an animal rights activist at the scene, told local press that the man’s neighbors were the ones who beat him, not the activists.

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He explained:

“Volunteers dragged him out of his house after we found evidence of what he had done.”

The abused animals have been sent to a local animal hospital and will be taken to an adoption center once they fully recover.

As for the pummeled pervert, local lawyer Huo Zishi says the man will likely be punished under criminal law for spreading pornography instead of organizing prostitution.

So deplorable. We’re glad the animals are now safe and the man is facing a rightful punishment.

[Image via Fox 4 Now.]

Aug 23, 2016 4:28pm PDT

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