Ian McKellen Was Offered $1.5 Million To Officiate A Wedding Dressed Gandalf From Lord Of The Rings — Find Out Which Celeb He Turned Down!

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We guess Gandalf is done with the whole ring thing!

Part of the reason we love Ian McKellen so much is the elderly actor has proven time and time again that he marches to the beat of his own drum — he even turned down Taylor Swift‘s squad!

And now we’re learning he turned down a shocking $1.5 million just to officiate a wedding!

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Okay, so it wasn’t just ANY wedding, as Sean Parker, former Facebook president and creator of Napster, apparently offered McKellen close to $1.5 million to officiate his wedding IN character as Gandalf, the actor’s character from the Lord of the Rings movies.

According to Daily Mail, back in 2013, Ian was asked to marry Parker and his now-wife, Alexandra Lenas, and the 77-year-old might have actually done it, but he didn’t want to be in character! When DM asked the veteran actor why he wouldn’t officiate the wedding, he said:

“I said, ‘I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.”

Maybe Ian just didn’t trust Golem as the ring bearer. LOLz!

While it’s a bummer that the LOTR actor didn’t take part in the nuptials, we’re sure Sean had a blast as he still went with a Tolkein theme that reportedly cost him about $9 million!

Since the X-Men star turned down the 36-year-old, Parker got some help instead from LOTR costume designer Ngila Dickson, who made outfits for high profile wedding guests — including Sting and Emma Watson!

As for Parker though, don’t worry about his bank account as he’s still worth $2 billion.

Man, that IS cool…

Aug 23, 2016 4:04pm PDT

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