Police Show Up At Robbery — And Shoot The Homeowner Instead Of The Thief…

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Just another crazy story in a BAD summer for police officers

Cops in Indianapolis are under the gun today after shooting a homeowner INSTEAD OF the robber during a break-in early Tuesday morning in the Indiana city.

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A few hours after midnight, police received a 911 call from a homeowner on the east side of Indianapolis reporting a possible robbery, and when cops got there, they shot and wounded an armed man!

The only problem is the armed man was the homeowner — not the robber — and the poor man was just trying to defend his wife who was being carjacked at gunpoint in the driveway of their home.

The woman ran inside to escape the criminal, the husband ran outside to defend her, and the robber couldn’t start the car during the chaos.

When cops pulled up in the middle of all this, they saw the homeowner with the gun and shot HIM!!

Even worse, that shooting allowed the actual criminal to flee into the night.


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The homeowner was shot at least once in the midsection, according to Sergeant Kendale Adams, but he is expected to survive, according to reports from those covering the story on scene (below):

That blood on the driveway… whoa!!

There’s no question it’s difficult being a police officer, especially in chaotic and confusing late-night incidents with little information and weapons on scene. but come on! No “freeze” or “drop it”?

This seems WAY too trigger happy…

As for the criminal, reporters were hopeful that maybe a print was pulled off the car, at least (below):

But beyond that, no sign of the man who disappeared off into the night.

Let’s just be thankful that, at least right now, it sounds like this time the innocent victim is going to survive this officer-involved shooting.

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 23, 2016 12:24pm PDT

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