Ryan Lochte ‘Feels Like His Life Is Crumbling’ Following Rio Robbery Scandal — But One Witness Actually Has His Back!

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Ryan Lochte is drowning in his own regret in light of his recent actions.

The Olympic swimmer has lost all of his sponsorships following the Rio robbery scandal, and is starting to no longer feel like the gold-medal winning American hero he was last week.

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An inside source told E! News that Lochte is “not doing well” amid the international controversy that painted him as a partying, vandalizing, entitled liar — and forced him to endure a rather intense scolding from Matt Lauer (and no one wants to deal with that).

The insider explained:

“[Lochte] feels like his life is crumbling under him. He is reevaluating everything. He honestly did not think this was going to be blown out of proportion like it was. He just felt like he had to keep up with this lie or else. After everyone found out the truth he knew it was over. He really does feel bad.”

It’s no surprise that 32-year-old’s teammates — who were detained in Brazil to be questioned while Lochte jetted back off to the U.S. — aren’t happy with how the scandal played out. The insider continued:

“[They] all think that this was a really wrong move. His teammates are not happy. It’s a bad look for all the U.S. swimmers and USA. They want him to learn and he will surely pay the consequences… Ryan has apologized to a few via text and calls. His teammates have spoken to him numerous times to check in on him, because in the end a team is a team.”

Though the disgraced swimmer does still have someone in his lane — the source added that Lochte’s girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid “has been there for him during this mess.”

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We guess she doesn’t mind the reports that he fabricated the entire lie to throw her off his scent after a wild night of partying?

After the truth came out, Lochte told press that he truly thought he was being robbed at the time, and that he “was going off their body language” during the heated altercation.

Bilingual Brazilian witness Fernando Deluz confirmed there was a Portugese-English language barrier during the incident, and intervened after one of the Rio guards pulled a gun on the Olympians.

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He told USA Today Sports:

“As soon as they drew their weapon, that’s when I got worried. It was also so fast, and what I wanted was to resolve the situation├óΓé¼┬ª If it hadn’t been for wanting to resolve that, if I hadn’t involved myself, I thought ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ the police chief told me, ‘Man, if you hadn’t gone there in that moment, a tragedy could have occurred.'”

Sounds like the situation could have been a lot worse!

While Lochte may have thought he was being robbed at the time, it’s clear he had PLENTY of time to come clean and set the record straight.

But he filled his pool, now he has to swim in it!

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Aug 23, 2016 10:57am PDT

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