Ryan Lochte’s Teammate Conor Dwyer Says The Swimmer Is ‘Genuinely A Good Guy’ Amid #LochteGate!

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Ryan Lochte is losing sponsors and getting a lot of heat after he lied about being robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro.

But one of the swimmer’s Olympics teammates insists he’s not a bad guy, even though the athlete didn’t come clean right away.

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On Monday, Conor Dwyer sat down with Maria Menounos during her SiriusXM radio show to address his fellow sports star’s scandal.

When the E! host brought up the controversy, the 27-year-old maintained that the New York native is still a good person, in spite of everything that happened, saying:

“I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve trained with him, been teammates with him, and he’s genuinely a good guy. So, it hurts to see him in this position and make a mistake like that.”

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Illinois athlete condones Mr. Lochte’s attempted coverup, because he added:

“It could’ve been handled a little better, and it’s tough that it took away from some other people that were crushing at the Olympics, but I’m sure it’ll roll over soon.”

The medalist also explained why he wasn’t with the other men from Team USA when the drama went down:

“I was there earlier with them and I went to a different party with [Ryan] Seacrest all night. He’s got my alibi. I was with Ryan all night, the other Ryan, at a swim party at a different place.”

But even in the wake of the controversy, Mr. Dwyer doesn’t believe the swimmers involved in the scandal are bad guys:

“They’re all nice guys, it’s just bad stuff happens to good people and I’m sure they’ll bounce back from it.”

Get more of Conor’s interview about Ryan (below)!

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Aug 23, 2016 8:17pm PDT

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