Teen Mom OG Returns With An Engagement, A Called Off Wedding, & ANOTHER Pregnancy — Get The Juicy Recap HERE!

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Talk about drama!

When it comes to reality television, MTV and Teen Mom OG REALLY know how to turn up the drama and on the two-part season premiere of OG on Monday, the teen moms gave us plenty to talk about.

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Not only did we have all our favorite ladies, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham, and Catelynn Lowell return, but there was an engagement, marriage drama, a wedding called off, AND another pregnancy!

Ch-ch-check out our recap (below) to get all the juicy details!

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Maci Gets Engaged

One of the happier moments on the show last night came when Maci’s boyfriend FINALLY proposed to the 25-year-old after having their two kids, Jayde Carter McKinney and Maverick McKinney, together.

The magical moment went down while MTV producers helped to stage a fake beach photo shoot during a trip the cast took to El Lay — in order to throw off the reality mom!

Taylor McKinney, who designed a custom ring with over 80 diamonds, got down on one knee at the beach and adorably said:

“Hey, can I ask you something? Will you marry me?”

The only thing cuter was Bookout’s response as she said:

“Yes, of course. Finally, f–k!”

Awww! LOLz!

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The great news didn’t stop there as we also found out the newly engaged couple is having ANOTHER baby! The cute reality star originally just thought she was preggers, but confirmed the happy news when her BF made her take a test.

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Farrah Deals With Relationship Drama

Unfortunately, the show can’t be all butterflies and rainbows and Farrah’s story wasn’t nearly as happy as Miz Bookout’s as she ran into a few bumps with somewhat boyfriend Simon Saran! We’re not EXACTLY sure what’s going on between this reality couple as Farrah bought a home in L.A. with a little help from Simon. Oh, and did we mention that Miz Abraham bought an engagement ring for herself?! The 25-year-old dished:

“I bought an engagement ring that Simon had organized. I thought he was going to propose, and nothing’s ever happened. I’ve had this ring. Simon still has not paid me back for it.”

YIKES! We hope you kept the receipt!

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Simon did get in a bit of a feud with the brunette beauty’s mom over a mug shot posted of Farrah online. Luckily their beef got squashed pretty quickly — but we have a feeling the couple has a rocky road ahead of them.

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Catelynn Deals With Her Body While Tyler Calls Her A ‘Heifer’

As you probably know, Catelyn has had some problems with anxiety in the past and her husband, Tyler Baltierra didn’t really seem to help much this week. Even though Tyler has had a history of being pretty supportive of his wife, we’re not sure how we felt when he told Cate:

“I don’t want no heifer for a wife. I can’t be with no big mama.”

We might have mixed feelings on the comment, but Miz Lowell seemed to roll with it pretty well as she responded:

“I wouldn’t mind looking good for my man. I mean, f*ck, who doesn’t. But then a part of me, too, is like, ‘Dude, I did just have a freakin’ baby.'”

We’re glad she’s at least keeping things in perspective!

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Catelynn Has A Breakdown

Unfortunately, the 24-year-old did deal a bit with her depression during the show as phoned Dr. Drew for help. Not only did she admit that she smokes weed twice a day to deal with anxiety, but revealed that she also previously abused by her mom’s ex-boyfriend! She told the doc:

“One time, he snapped, and he, like, choked me and pinned me down in the bathroom between the toilet and the tub.”

Thankfully, the radio personality advised the reality star to seek help from a therapist.

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Amber Calls Off Her Wedding After BF’s Potential Baby News

Well the good news is that Amber’s custody battle with Gary Shirley is pretty much all figured out, but the bad news is, Amber’s current boyfriend, Matt Baier, has been accused of fathering another woman’s child!

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Matt responded to these allegations saying:

“I can’t let that sh*t bother me. If I did, it would f*ck up my sobriety. Amber and I are brutally honest with each other. The good news is, what more could they possibly say about me? I killed Kennedy?”

While that sounds great, Baier doesn’t have a track record of honesty as he NEVER told Amber that he asked Farrah AND Jenelle Evans out on Twitter before her met his current lady love.

Miz Abraham spoke on the topic saying:

“I don’t know, I just hope she dates better people then that. I’m shocked Amber didn’t find that already. I mean, I’d cancel that wedding, that’s for sure.”

The major shocker came when Farrah chatted with the 26-year-old to which Amber said:

“I asked him about it, and he’s like, ‘Listen, that was a long time ago. I was just telling them they’re beautiful ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I wasn’t hitting on them.’ I’m like, ‘You told me when we first met that you didn’t know anything about Teen Mom OG. And you didn’t know really anything about me, or Farrah, or Maci, but you knew about Teen Mom 2. So what the f*ck is the truth?'”

Sadly, Amber revealed that she had told Matt they’re “Not getting married in October.” Sure, this could mean the wedding is just postponed, but it sure doesn’t sound good!

What are your thoughts on last night’s epic season premiere?!

Make sure you catch Teen Mom OG when it airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. EST!

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Aug 23, 2016 8:36am PDT

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