Is Ryan Lochte’s Punishment Unfair Compared To Michael Phelps’ DUI Suspension?? See Why Sources Are Pointing Fingers!

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The story of Ryan Lochte being robbed at gunpoint — emphasis on “story” — during the Rio Olympics seemed to gain almost as much attention as the games.

And now that the competition is over, his punishment for stretching the truth is right around the corner!

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Ryan is already having a particularly bad week as he’s lost his MAJOR sponsors and reportedly feels like his life is “crumbling”, but next the 32-year-old is going to be punished by the United States Olympic Committee!

It was only a few days ago that USOC CEO Scott Blackmun told the press Lochte and his fellow swimmers would face discipline for their actions, but now TMZ reports some sources are worried the punishment won’t be fair!

While the studly swimmer’s lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, is pretty convinced that the USOC will hand down a fair punishment to his client, those close to the four swimmers believe the committee will go overboard trying to please those who want harsh action taken!

What’s interesting is these sources point to Michael Phelpshistory of two DUIs as a baseline for punishment. Not only was Phelps not stripped of his medals, but he was still allowed to compete in the 2016 games AND HE COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE!

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Though Michael was able to turn his act around, he was only given a six month suspension after getting behind the wheel of a car drunk. Compare that to Ryan’s incident where, though intoxicated, the athlete never drove and at most, damaged a sign and maybe peed on the grass.

So he definitely endangered some hydrangeas.

The bigger problem here is obviously the lying as Mr. Lochte exaggerated parts of his story. However, some witnesses still attest the athletes were taken out of a cab at gunpoint and told to hand over hundreds of dollars.

That being said, the insiders did admit the Olympians were definitely deceitful in implying they were pulled over in a moving vehicle.

At the end of the day, the sources feel that a six-month suspension would be a bit much compared to Phelps’, but anything more would simply be trying to make the angry media mob happy.

What do YOU think is a fair punishment for the Gold medal swimmer?

[Image via NBC.]

Aug 24, 2016 10:24am PDT

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