Teen Cannibal’s Parents Say His Organs Are Now Malfunctioning — Will He Ever Wake Up To Face Murder Charges?

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Things are looking even worse for Austin Harrouff.

The Florida State University student who fatally stabbed a couple and tried to eat one victim’s face is still in critical condition as some of his organs are beginning to malfunction.

On Tuesday, Wade Harrouff told The Palm Beach Post that his son’s liver is malfunctioning, his lungs are filling up with fluid, and his esophagus is bleeding.

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After visiting Austin at St. Mary’s Medical Center, the Florida dentist confirmed his son was still in a critical, nonresponsive state, and will undergo an MRI on Wednesday.

Police say that Austin may have ingested chemicals in the couple’s garage on the night of the attack, which would explain his unresponsive condition — though investigators are still puzzled as to what exactly drove the FSU sophomore to brutally kill John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon.

Despite Austin telling deputies they wouldn’t find any drugs in his system after the attack, authorities suspect he was under the influence of bath salts or synthetic drug flakka before becoming irrationally violent.

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Wade believes his son’s behavior was a result of mental illness and not drug use, telling press:

“I don’t think he did (use drugs). I guess we’ll find out when the test comes.”

Mina Harrouff also alerted officials about her son after he walked out on a family dinner at Duffy’s Sports Grill before the attack — warning that Austin told her he was immortal and had superpowers.

Deputies who responded had to pull Harrouff off Stevens as he was biting the victim’s face — and noted that the former football player was “abnormally strong.”

If the student recovers, he’ll wake up to face two counts of first-degree murder and one of attempted murder.

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Aug 24, 2016 2:20pm PDT

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