Hope Solo Responds To Suspension That’s The Same Punishment Michael Phelps Got For DUI! Was Her Suspension Too Harsh?

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Unsportsmanlike conduct is bad, but there’s no way it should be comparable to drunk driving.

Yet after Hope Solo called the Swedish soccer team “a bunch of cowards” last week, she was suspended the same amount of time as Michael Phelps was for his DUI!

Almost two weeks ago, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team‘s goalie delivered some trash talk after unexpectedly losing to Sweden in the Rio Olympics quarterfinal game, and U.S. Soccer swiftly suspended the athlete over comments that “counter to the organization’s principles.”

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For her part, Solo said she was “saddened” by being suspended for six months over comments that were fueled by her love and passion for the game in an emotional official statement. She wrote:

It seems even harsher when compared to the fact that Phelps was suspended from swimming the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME following his second DUI arrest back in 2010!

USA Swimming suspended the gold medalist for six months and disqualified him from competing in the world championships.

In addition to Solo’s suspension, her contract will be terminated and she will not be eligible to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team until February 2017.

We hate to say it, but these similar punishments for two vastly different crimes (well, an actual crime endangering the lives of people versus a sort-of-mean comment) make it hard not to see Solo as the victim of a double standard.

However, Solo has had conduct issues in the past as noted in the statement the U.S. Soccer president released, including an arrest for domestic violence.

Do YOU think Hope’s punishment was too harsh? Cast your votes (below) and read her response!

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Aug 25, 2016 11:29am PDT

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