EXCLUSIVE! Cher Lloyd Dishes To Perez About Keeping Up With X Factor Alums, Her New Sound, & Her Upcoming Album!

Cher Lloyd has been a busy bee!

The singer recently released her new song, Activated, and just dropped the music video earlier this week. But she still had time to meet up with us for some exclusive Closet Confessions!

The gorgeous gal joined Perez in his closet for a Facebook Live session, and dished all about her new sound, her upcoming album, her relationships with other X Factor alums and MORE!

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After making small talk about the brunette beauty’s 2013 wedding, her move to LA, and contemplating kids, the conversation naturally turned towards her AH-mazing music!

The artist actually released Activated herself, rather than through a label, and admitted to us that she totally loved the freedom, saying:

“Everything is open. I’m able to creatively do whatever I want. And, having the creative control over everything, and being the person that finalizes things and approves this, and approves that, … that responsibility is huge.”

The 23-year-old explained that she finally feels like she’s ready to call all the shots when it comes to her craft, adding:

“I’ve always said from the beginning, ‘you have to say a lot of yeses before you deserve the right to say no.'”

What’s even more exciting is the UK native confessed that she has MORE music in the works, and is collaborating with new, fresh producers!

But as far as her more mature sound is concerned, Miz Lloyd doesn’t want her fans to expect only an adult aesthetic moving forward:

“I wouldn’t read too much into it, because if you listen to both of my records, the first one and the second one, you could never put a stamp on the genre that I do. I mean, it’s pop, but what’s pop nowadays? It could be anything! If I want to put violins in the production, I can put violins in the production. But it’s still going to be consistently me.”

In fact, she explains her “new era,” as her fans are calling it, actually brings things full circle:

“I’m going back to my roots, and I feel like I’m 15 again on my karaoke machine. That’s how it feels to record this next album, because it’s that feeling of finding me again. There’s no one telling me what I should sound like, what I should look like.”

While the pop powerhouse admits she does still have management and a publicist, but there are always “discussions” when it comes to signing with a label.

However, locking down a deal isn’t her primary goal at the moment:

“Right now, my focus is on getting my music to a point where I feel that it’s 100 percent me as an artist. That’s what I’m concentrating on. I’m almost there.”

The lovely lady reveals that she’s trying to avoid getting trapped in the image that had been shaped by her first two albums:

“I’m not this bubblegum princess. There’s a lot that people don’t know about me.”

Soooo would Cher still advise her younger self to do X Factor? Does she keep in touch with anyone else from the show? Is she going on tour soon? Find out by watching the full interview (above)!

Aug 26, 2016 6:52pm PST

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