Larry King’s Family Feels ‘Outraged’ By His Interview Denying Wife’s Affair — ‘They Are Controlling His Mind’

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Yuck… this story continues to get worse and worse!

Just a day after Larry and Shawn King publicly denied rumors of infidelity in their marriage, a report surfaced suggesting all is definitely NOT well despite their claims.

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According to People, Larry’s family and children are pissed off by the denial since it only adds to the embarrassment of Shawn’s supposed affair with public speaking guru Richard Greene.

An insider explained:

“It was a sham interview. His kids are disgusted and outraged.”

As for the “kids” the source is referring to, the icon has five children in total, including a son who is 54-years-old. We suspect the confidante is referencing King’s older children, considering his two sons with Shawn are teenagers.

Per the insider’s account, L.K.’s loved ones suspect he was influenced by his wife and her father Karl Engemann to deny the cheating:

“They are controlling his mind. This is another example of Shawn’s manipulation.”

Yikes! We hope this isn’t true… it’s sad to think of the 82-year-old being pressured to make statements he doesn’t believe in!

As for whether or not the couple will get divorced, the insider put forth a pretty dark theory:

“It could go either way. Behind closed doors he’s embarrassed and humiliated and when he gets around her she clearly has something on him. She’s holding something over him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to live as they do and just co-exist.”

Damn! No matter how you slice it, it’s clear things aren’t good in the King household.

We’ll keep you updated as we receive more info!

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Aug 26, 2016 5:49pm PDT

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