3 People Killed In Deadly Crossbow Attack By Canada’s ‘Bearded Bandit’

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On Thursday, three people were killed in Toronto after what police describe as a crossbow attack. Officers arrested Brett Ryan (pictured, above) for the fatal assault at the Scarborough residence.

The alleged killer was also arrested back in 2009 for a string of robberies that earned him the nickname “The Bearded Bandit,” because he wore a fake beard and medical bandages while committing the crimes.

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The 35-year-old appeared before a judge on Friday, where he was ordered to remain in custody until September 2, when he will be back in court.

While the police haven’t released the identities of the victims, court records reveal the three people killed were Susan, Alexander, and Christopher Ryan.

The papers didn’t mention whether or not they have any relation to their suspected murderer, but it’s quite possible they were Brett’s family — since they share a last name.

Plus, back in 2010, the Canada native was listed as a resident of the address where the murders took place when he filed for bankruptcy.

Neighbor Vijaya Cruz described hearing the horrible attack:

“My husband said he heard some screaming. Someone was screaming there. Then he said he heard [a] ‘bang, bang, bang’ noise, and then someone was saying, ‘calm down.'”

Warren Dalton, who lives across the street, said one of the victims came to him for help:

“My brother is bleeding in the driveway, call 911.”

Only hours after authorities found the bodies, police also investigated a bomb threat at a condo in downtown Toronto, where another tenant said Brett had lived for “a few years.”

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The cops began looking into a suspicious package they found in an apartment after they arrived to tell someone in the unit about the murders, but didn’t disclose who lived in that unit.

Autopsies will be conducted on the victims today.

Our hearts are with everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

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Aug 26, 2016 5:42pm PDT

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