Lost Boaters Write ‘SOS’ On Deserted Pacific Island And Miraculously Get Rescued Because Of It!

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This story is truly amazing!!

A pair of stranded boaters were rescued on Friday afternoon from an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean after the US Navy, which had been searching for them in an aircraft, spotted “SOS” written in the sand on a beach!

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The two boaters had departed from Weno Island, a remote place in the south Pacific between Guam and the Marshall Islands, on August 17. They had been intending to travel to Tamatam Island in Micronesia, but never made it there.

By August 19, the alert went out for the missing boaters, who were without long-term supplies and had no emergency equipment on board.

An international search team scoured the water for the missing 18-foot boat, spanning more than 16,000 square miles in their search for the pair — and miraculously, thanks to a smart “SOS” sign (as seen above), they were found safe and relatively healthy yesterday!

The pair had drifted all the way to a completely uninhabited island in Micronesia, and they’d been completely alone, without much by way of food or water, for days!

If this story sounds familiar, it should; back in April, three stranded boaters — also in the south Pacific — wrote “HELP” in palm fronds on a deserted island, only to be miraculously rescued, too!!

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For this to happen in the vast, vast south Pacific twice in a five-month stretch… wild!!

We’re just happy the boaters appear to be OK and are safe and recovering now after their difficult ordeal.

[Image via US Navy.]

Aug 27, 2016 2:07pm PDT

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