Kanye West Reveals How Being A Father Has Changed His Career As A Source Confirms He Will Appear At The VMAs Tonight!

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Becoming a father will change you!!

And for Kanye West, becoming a father to daughter North and son Saint has really changed his outlook towards his career, at least according to a new interview he gave with E! News on Sunday.

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The Life of Pablo rapper, speaking to Ken Baker, said after the opening night of his Saint Pablo tour that the adorable pair has had a HUGE impact on the decisions he’s made professionally (below):

“Everything that I do now is to [make things], I don’t want to say better because who’s to say if it’s better, but fresher or doper. Make a cooler world for my kids and everybody’s kids’ sake.”

A cooler world, indeed.

It’s not just his own children who Kanye feels responsibility to, though — the rapper also carries the weight of the world when it comes to his music, clothing line, and more (below):

“Just bring art to the front. That’s my push in society… I use my platform that I have as a really well known artist to push art and make art equal to commerce.”

Such a Kanye thing to say! LOLz!!

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On a related note, a source has come forward alleging that Yeezy will, in fact, take the stage at some point this evening during the VMAsjust like we reported earlier this week!

We don’t yet know what that will look like — whether for a performance, or some kind of skit or something — but we can be sure that’s going to be an extremely memorable event!

Maybe his kids will impact his performance decisions here, too?! Ha!!!

Can’t wait to tune in and see it all go down!!

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Aug 28, 2016 4:56pm PDT

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