Rebecca Black Just Dropped A New Single And It Is GREAT! Listen To The Great Divide HERE!

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Can we talk about Rebecca Black for a second?!

You remember her, from that virally bad Friday song a few years back, right?! Well, she’s still pursuing a music career — but now she’s, like, good!!

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On Friday, she released a brand new single called The Great Divide, a pop-ballad that is definitely radio ready, has a hint of EDM flavor, and sounds… GREAT!!

Ch-ch-check out the single (below) and judge for yourself!!!


This young woman has come a LONG way from Friday!

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And here is the remix of it, which sounds haunting and fun (below)!!!


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Speaking to EW, Rebecca spoke about the decision to write and perform The Great Divide, saying:

“It’s definitely one of the most meaningful things I’ve written for myself. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized there are certain people I’ve let into in my life that aren’t healthy for me. This song is about letting those people go and feeling power in knowing that’s the best decision for you. I don’t even tell [my friends] about or play them songs before they’re done. It’s been exciting to play the song for friends. I kept a lot of this as my own personal adventure.”

From here, Black has recorded more than thirty songs recently and is working towards releasing an independent album this fall, though it won’t just be in this EDM-ish flare:

“We’ve got some stuff that’s a little more electronic, but I love a lot of indie music, so we have stuff that’s in that vein too.”

And maybe most refreshingly, she is completely past her past, and Friday, as she revealed none of her collaborators cared about her making the infamous teen song:

“It was all in my head. I just had to tell myself, ├óΓé¼╦£This is going to be okay. I’m okay. I’m good at what I do.’ Who cares if I make a mistake? Who cares if I have a bad day in the studio? That’s all part of my journey, all part of my progress.”

Love it!!!

Sounds like Rebecca Black is coming into her own!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Aug 28, 2016 5:50pm PDT

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