Ryan Lochte Is TOTALLY Calm About The Rio Robbery Lie Charges & Even Laughs Off Jimmy Fallon’s Impression Of Him!

ryan lochte rio robbery response

Ryan Lochte is as cool as a cucumber.

On Monday, the disgraced Olympian seemed relatively calm when caught by paparazzi at LAX following Jimmy Fallon‘s impression of him at the VMAs and the cops in Rio charging him for filing a false police report. Hmm, very inneresting!

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When asked about his Rio robbery lie, and the impending punishments, Lochte noted:

“Uhh, I really have no comments. I mean, it’s whatever the U.S. OC decides. Whatever my punishment is, I’m just going to have to accept it and go from there.”

Good answer! However, the U.S. athlete doesn’t believe he’s actually at risk of losing his medals as he also told reporters:

“I think there’s talk. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Umm, yeah I don’t think that’s realistic. I owned up to it, it was my fault, and whatever the consequences are, umm I’ll just go from there.”

While the swimmer may be ready to face the consequences for his actions back in the states, he has NO plans to go back to Rio to deal with the police charges. After quipping that he’d return to Rio “if they let [him] back”, the 32-year-old honestly answered:

“Umm, I’m not gonna go back.”

TBH, that’s probably a smart move. In fact, we are surprised to see Lochte so calm about this entire situation.

Not to mention, the gold medalist even laughed off the late night host’s impression of him at the MTV awards show… despite the fact he didn’t see the bit at all. Good on you, man!

What do YOU think? Should Ryan be more stressed than he actually is?

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Aug 29, 2016 2:39pm PST

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