SIX People Leave Bachelor In Paradise, Including One That Could Have A HUGE Domino Effect! Get The Deets!

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Everybody is leaving Bachelor In Paradise!

There must be something in the water, or maybe it’s something Chris Harrison said, because WOW — a TON of people walked off the love-seeking reality show!

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Let’s start at the beginning, and on Monday night, that meant a new beginning for Ashley Iaconetti.

The poor love-lost puppy, sick over losing Jared Haibon to Caila Quinn, got asked out on a date by newcomer Wells Adams and, well, every dog has his (or her) afternoon, because the two met some cute canines at dinner and hit it off together!

Is a new love blossoming?!

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Well… no.

But that’s only because after Wells’ incredible date with Ashley, Jami Letain wandered into paradise, found Wells, and promptly also asked him out on a date. Awkward…

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Jami and Wells hit it off just as well as he did with Ashley, and while the two were busy making out under a waterfall, Ashley was back at the compound stressed as could be.

Interestingly, Ash didn’t go to her signature move — the ugly cry — while Wells was on the date, but she did something far more sinister in the long run: she went all the way after Caila and Jared’s blossoming relationship! OMG!

Ashley pulled Caila aside to talk about (what else) Jared again, when finally, the poor sweet Caila hit the end of her road.

In response to Ashley’s literally constant focus on the pair’s relationship, Miz Quinn decided she just could not take any more of it, telling Ash:

“It’s hard for me to get to know him. I don’t need to be here. I don’t need the attention. I just can’t grow in my relationship, so why am I here?”


Caila left paradise right then and there, and we’ll have to wait a while to see if Jared follows her out. That could have a huge domino effect on the show, impacting how people see Ashley, what Wells does, where Jami goes, and what happens with upcoming rose ceremonies.

BIG time stuff, but we don’t know yet — teasers, people, teasers!!

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And for the rest who did walk off the show — either by choice, or through elimination — well, we have some bad news for you: say bye bye to Emily and Haley Ferguson!!

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Noooo! The twins can’t go! They are too fun!!!

At the rose ceremony, Emily and Haley picked last, and with two roses left on the table — one for each of them — and three guys from which to choose (Ryan Beckett, Carl King, and Daniel Maguire), the blonde babes dropped a bomb.

They told the whole cast:

“We’ve been here for five weeks now, and unfortunately we can’t say that we feel like it would be fair to pass out our roses this week. We came in this together, and we want to leave together, so we wish you guys all the best, and we love you all.”


Not that they’re wrong, of course, and maybe it’s the smart move, but that takes out five people (and Caila the sixth) from the Paradise cast. Huge loss!!

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Speaking of huge losses, what is going on with Josh Murray?!

That guy took all SORTS of Ls on Monday night, after he confronted the entire cast in a weird, anger-laced tirade on the beach about whether or not he was in Paradise for the right reasons.

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It all started when Emily and Haley tipped off Amanda Stanton that they felt like Josh was here for the wrong reason — i.e., to repair his image after Andi Dorfman‘s brutal book about him — and Amanda took it to heart.

She’d heard Josh rumors before, of course, but not from her “best friends,” as she calls the twins — so this time, as the twins were leaving, it really hit home.

Josh got wind of Amanda’s uncertainty, and confronted everybody while losing his anger in the process — but really, it was directed only at Nick Viall, though it may have been technically addressed to the whole group.

But at the end of the day, after the entire Josh lecture and some minor shots at Mr. Viall, Amanda had decided to stick with her man, telling cameras:

“At this point, I’m really tired of people telling me who I should or shouldn’t be with. Josh showed he does have a little bit of a temper tonight, but at the same time, I think he has a reason to.”

Hmm… maybe that’s not such a good trait…

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Finally, hey, can we talk about Lace Morris and Grant Kemp?!

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Break up, make up, break up, make up — little spats kept them starting and stopping all episode, but it appears those two are still together and happy?! What a rough ride that continues to be.

It’s nothing like the true love that Evan Bass and Carly Waddell have! Ha!! (But seriously, that’s a weird, wacky thing Evan and Carly have, but we are totally shippin’ it. Weird people need love, too!)

Whew. What an episode. And just in time for more tonight!!

Don’t forget to watch Bachelor In Paradise tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET only on ABC!

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Aug 30, 2016 10:34am PDT

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