Justin Bieber Skips Out On The VMAs In Order To Sing Karaoke & Drink Alone At A Strip Mall Bar — Huh??

justin bieber karaoke dive bar

What VMAs?

While the rest of his fellow A-listers were busy partying at Madison Square Garden for the MTV awards show on Sunday, Justin Bieber decided to skip the industry event all together and stay in Los Angeles. Don’t worry, the Sorry singer figured out a way to keep himself busy as the pop star hit up the Residuals Tavern in Studio City, CA in order to sing a little karaoke!

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Reportedly, J.B. surprised the patrons of the strip mall bar by not only throwing back servings of Jack Daniels, but by performing the classic jam Great Balls of Fire too. It’s said the Boyfriend artist arrived with only one security guard around 10 p.m. and downed a couple of whiskeys before deciding to sing Jerry Lee Lewis‘ hit.

What’s odd about this decision is that the Canadian-born musician was nominated for several moonmen — so why did he skip out on the televised event?

On the hitmaker’s appearance at the dive bar, one patron noted:

“He came in to the bar around 10 p.m. with a security guard who gave him plenty of space and waited by the door. Justin knows the owner really well so came in and drank for free, he was knocking back Jack Daniels neat and seemed really relaxed. After a few drinks he seemed to be in a really good mood and a few people were doing karaoke. The host said, ‘Justin’s going to sing for us tonight’.”

Hmmm, very inneresting! And it seems Bieber really enjoyed himself, especially since his fellow bar-goers left him peace. The source continued:

“He didn’t do much talking but everyone loved the singing. His voice cracked a few times and it wasn’t the best rendition I’ve heard on karaoke nights but Justin definitely enjoyed himself. Nobody bothered him, everyone thought it was pretty cool. A few people took videos and asked for pictures after but he just told them he’d rather talk to them than pose for a selfie. He left after an hour and the place was buzzing. Justin loves the bar because it’s really local to his new place.”

Well that’s good to hear! In fact, this isn’t the first time the 22-year-old has popped by the tavern as, just last week, he paid for a group of mourner’s massive bar tab as they had recently attended a funeral.

Justin’s making quite the impression in his neighborhood, isn’t he? At least this time, no one’s home got egged…

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Aug 30, 2016 7:15am PDT

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