Anthony Weiner Put His Son To Work ‘Like A Puppy’ Helping Him Pick Up Other Women!

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Your daily dose of scumbag, once again provided by Anthony Weiner.

The disgraced politician is caught in yet another sexing scandal, in which he sent a woman a crotch shot selfie with his young son curled up next to him in bed.

But to make matters even more disgusting, Weiner actually bragged about using his 4-year-old son as “a chick magnet” when sexting the mystery brunette.

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According to The New York Post, the 51-year-old sent the unidentified woman a series of photos of his son Jordan while complaining about the lack of physical affection he was getting from his wife Huma Abedin.

Weiner sent nine pictures in total of his son to the woman. One snap showed Jordan in a swing, as Weiner said he was “putting him to work” as a way to attract women — to which the 40-something woman replied:

“It’s like a puppy. Chicks love cute kids and puppies.”

Despite telling the mystery divorcee he and his wife were “civil nowadays,” he complained that he was only having sex once every two months, whining:

“I’m cranky, horny and generally ready for change.”

The former New York mayoral candidate also sent her a picture of his son in a hooded bathrobe on December 4, 2015 via Twitter DM.

Minutes before, he asked the woman if she was “getting laid nowadays?”

After the woman replied asking “Was that an invitation??,” Weiner promptly responded with “God. In a New York minute.”

Hours after news broke out of Weiner’s third scandal in five years, his wife Abedin — who is Hillary Clinton‘s top aide — announced she was leaving him.

[Image via NY Post.]

Aug 31, 2016 1:31pm PDT

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