NO FRONT HUGS! Jinger Duggar & Fiancé Jeremy Vuolo Awkardly Have The Sex Talk With Jim Bob On Counting On! Get The Full Recap!

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Another Duggar wedding is right around the corner — if Jinger Duggar has it her way, of course.

That’s what the 22-year-old made clear on Tuesday’s episode of Counting On, which showed Jinger unable to talk, eat, and basically think because she was so smitten over her new courter Jeremy Vuolo!

After recently entering an official courtship together (the two got engaged a month after courting), the reality star and former soccer pro discussed the exciting news with the family — and, of course, had the big sex talk with Jim Bob while eating ice cream. Casual.

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Up to speed on the Duggar guidelines of physical intimacy, Jeremy assured the patriarch that he “understood the temptations” of courting a blossoming Duggar woman, but had a desire “to save the physical for marriage” — to which Jim Bob jokingly (but not at all jokingly) replied “good answer.”

When younger brother Joseph Duggar reiterated the courtship rules — side hugs are fair game, but no front hugs, holding hands, or kissing — Jinger confessed she interpreted the rules as more like guidelines, saying:

“You don’t have to it all listed, like a set of rules. It’s more the general idea and letting people around you know.”

AKA, she and Jeremy have totally gotten to second base already. Way to rebel, girl!

Jeremy then broke bread with the rest of the family at the Duggar’s main headquarters, and while he seemed to hit it off with the whole gang, Jinger’s brothers have still yet to be completely won over.

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John David said he was still “checking him out,” and Joseph added that they would all have their eyes on the newcomer until he and Jinger tied the knot — because, you know, the Duggar bros were “not going to just hand over” their sister to anybody.

You know, because Duggar boys are basically taught women are property…

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Speaking of survival, a bunch of the siblings decided to go go on a trip to harness their survival skills. Jinger tagged along, accompanied by her Vuolo jersey-wrapped pillow — like her sisters before her, she fashioned pillowcases out of her man’s T-shirt.

Aside from spending most of the trip worrying that she wouldn’t have reception to video-chat with Jeremy, Jinger also voiced concern about making sure nothing happened to her ring finger because it was “important.”

Sounds like this Duggar sister has been ready to start procreating yesterday! Get it, girl!

See what’s next in store for Jinger and Jeremy when Counting On airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC!

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Aug 31, 2016 10:29am PDT

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