Pretty Little Liars Loses One Of Its Own — Plus THREE Other Major Characters! All That & A Surprise Pregnancy In The Killer Summer Finale!

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When I. Marlene King teased that heads were gonna roll… we didn’t think she meant literally!

As you may have seen, Pretty Little Liars promoted its Summer mid-season finale on Tuesday by letting fans know that the last ten episodes of Season Seven will also be the last EVER for the series.

Obviously, this announcement had us even more excited for the Freeform finale — and it did not disappoint!

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We’re talking FOUR major deaths, two kidnappings, a surprise pregnancy, a return from the dead, and even one mother of a family secret!

So pretty much just your typical episode of PLL. LOLz!!

The hour began right where last week left off with Hanna (Ashley Benson) torturing Noel (Brant Daugherty) in retaliation for locking the girls up in the dollhouse last year.

Naturally, Hanna couldn’t quite handle the situation on her own… so she called in some back up from Mona (Janel Parrish) before returning to the rest of the liars.

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That’s when the episode really kicked it into high gear, with Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Ali (Sasha Pieterse), and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) finding out Hanna’s secret… only to discover that Noel had escaped his ropes!

But just in case you thought Marlene forgot about the drama — Ali revealed to Emily that she was pregnant with her late husband Archer’s (Huw Collins) kid!

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That child is guaranteed to need therapy when they grow up…

Eventually the five core liars stumbled upon Noel and Jenna’s (Tammin Sursok) highly advertised #deathtrap where Emily sort-of-kind-of got their prime suspect DECAPITATED by a conveniently placed medieval axe!

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You know ABC Family NEVER would have messed with a decapitation — so good on ya, Freeform!

Unfortunately for longtime PLL fans, Noel’s late-hour death was just the first of many… most notably:


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While a blind Jenna was busy trying to shoot anyone she could… someone off-camera actually shot Spencer, who died in the arms of Ali’s aunt Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) as she revealed that Spence was actually HER daughter and Charlotte’s (Vanessa Ray) long-lost sibling!!!


Oh — but don’t worry about Toby (Keegan Allen), you guys… he died too.

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Apparently, both he and his fiancée Yvonne (Kara Royster) died in a random car crash also off-camera as his half-sister Jenna got kidnapped by A.D.!

Sure, not all four of them will succumb to their wounds once PLL returns for the final stretch — except Noel, he’s definitely headless — but we doubt both halves of Spoby make it out alive.

Especially considering Troian actually directed the episode; that’s a pretty great way to say goodbye!

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But as if that weren’t all enough for a single episode of TV… Ezra’s (Ian Harding) presumed dead former girlfriend Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) somehow survived her own kidnapping in Colombia.

We sure are gonna miss this crazy little series.

Will U be able to wait for Pretty Little Liars‘ return this April??

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Aug 31, 2016 11:21am PDT

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