Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Claim They Don’t Know The Gender Of Their Baby — Do We Believe Them?!

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We need a drink.

Ever since Blac Chyna announced she was pregnant, she and Rob Kardashian have teased fans over the gender of their unborn baby. Let’s just say we’re seriously confused right now!

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Here’s what’s going on — in the couple’s extensive interview with People Magazine, Chy and Mr. Kardashian explained how they’re waiting to find out the sex of their baby when it arrives in November.

The sock mogul confided:

“We leave that up to God. We’re going to wait to find out when the baby comes out.”

Hmm. While it’s totally normal for expecting parents to keep the gender of their baby a surprise, B.C. totally contradicted Rob’s statement in a recent interview with Elle Magazine.

Speaking on the little one’s gender, the model previously revealed:

“You all will find out [the sex of the baby] during the premiere of our show on September 11. The baby won’t have a K name. We both agreed.. Once I have this baby, I will figure out what’s next. I’m not focusing on anything else right now.”

Umm… what?! So these two know the sex or not?!

Either Chyna and R.K. are lying about their baby knowledge, or it’s possible the lone Kardashian son is in the dark about the whole thing. Maybe The momma wants to keep it a surprise for her man!

So, what do YOU think? Will the pair reveal the gender on Rob & Chyna‘s September 11 premiere or will they wait until the delivery room? Vote (below)!

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Aug 31, 2016 6:13pm PDT

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