WTF! Teen Dies From Getting A Hickey — Find Out How!

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We’re sure they’ll tell this story in every Sex Ed class from now on.

A teenage boy in Mexico City died after suffering a stroke — that doctors think was caused by getting a hickey from his girlfriend.

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According to reports, Julio Macias Gonzales had convulsions during a family dinner after hanging out with his 24-year-old girlfriend and then later died.

Experts say the woman’s love biting could have created the blood clot that traveled to the 17-year-old’s brain and caused the stroke.

Gonzales’s girlfriend, who has not been publicly identified, is reportedly in hiding. Sources told local press the teen’s parents were already upset over the relationship due to the age difference.

While this medical case sounds pretty hard to believe, it wouldn’t be the first case where a hickey led to serious physical damage.

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In 2010, a hickey caused a 44-year-old New Zealand woman to be hospitalized for a non-fatal stroke.

Doctors realized that the suction on her major artery created a blood clot that went to her heart and caused a minor stroke, in what researchers called “a rare phenomenon.”

Unfortunately for Gonzales, this hickey proved to be fatal. Our hearts go out to his family at this devastating time…

Stay safe out there!

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Aug 31, 2016 3:06pm PDT

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