Chris Brown Accuser Baylee Curran Allegedly Has A History Of Making Up Death Threats

Chris Brown

Baylee Curran‘s story might be losing credibility…

As we told you, the former beauty pageant star allegedly sent off a couple of questionable text messages threatening to set up Chris Brown after he kicked her out of his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to the story she told police (and almost every news outlet), the Loyal singer allegedly pointed a gun at her after an altercation over jewelry. This of course led to Brown’s arrest after a nine-hour standoff. Eep.

In new information obtained by TMZ, Curran’s former roommate Princeton Roseborough claims the aspiring actress has a history of making up stories about people making death threats toward her. How oddly relevant!

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In 2013, Baylee filed a restraining order against Roseborough claiming he threatened to hire a hit man to kill her. The blonde also said Roseborough pushed her head against a bedroom wall hard enough to where she had to call an ambulance.

As a result, a judge issued a temporary restraining order, but the case was dismissed when Baylee didn’t show up for the hearing.

Princeton’s legal docs told a different story, according to the gossip outlet.

He claims Baylee was physically attacking his girlfriend, and he simply stepped in to hold her back. P.R. also turned in photos of Curran after the incident where she apparently doesn’t show signs of injury.


This case just keeps getting fishier and fishier.

We guess only time will tell what really went down inside of the controversial R&B singer’s home that night.


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Sep 1, 2016 9:57am PDT

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