Jared Fogle Sues The Parents Of Child Porn Victim — Despicable Details HERE

Jared has reached a new low.

Jared Fogle has some nerve.

According to TMZ, the former Subway spokesperson has countersued the parents of an unidentified teen he shared “nude videos and pics” of. The horrific crime occurred when Fogle and his business partner Russell Taylor were full-blown sexual predators in Indiana.

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At the time of his conviction, the parents of the emotionally scarred girl sued him for using booze and other teen vices to lure their underage daughter over for unsavory reasons.

Cut to now, and Jared has decided to file a lawsuit against the parents essentially blaming them for their kid’s devastating experience. Apparently J.F. believes the mother and father’s divorce caused their daughter to engage in “destructive behaviors”, which ultimately led her to him.

Yuck. This is the most insane argument we’ve ever heard!

The convict also went on to reason how the parents alleged constant fighting led to the girl’s depression, self-mutilation, and alcohol abuse.

The problem is, there’s NO excuse to inappropriately film a minor, no matter what they’re going through. It’s beyond shameful to blame a CHILD and their parents for your sick crime.

Not to mention there are million of adults who’ve refrained from taking advantage of kids with divorced parents…

Luckily for children and decent human beings everywhere, Jared will continue to serve his fifteen-and-a-half year jail sentence. We hope this most recent gimmick further cements his disgraced future.

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.

What do U think of this new development though??

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Sep 1, 2016 5:28pm PDT

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