Mariah Carey’s Estranged Brother Calls The Singer A ‘Monster’ For Her Alleged Mistreatment Of Their Troubled Sister

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Dayum, Mariah Carey‘s family gives the Lohan clan a run for their money!

In scathing interview with Inside Edition, Mariah’s estranged brother Morgan Carey went HAM on the diva for allegedly mistreating their troubled sister Alison Carey. The rant comes on the heels of Alison getting busted for prostitution a few days ago.

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According to Morgan, Ms. Carey has always been uncaring when it comes to their heroin addict sibling. The angry bro claims the singer is more concerned with her image than supporting their family.

To be fair, Mariah’s publicist maintains she gave Alison hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, a gift Morgan isn’t impressed by:

“She’s given a heroin addict money in the past. Is that helpful? Let’s make sure Alison’s needs are met. But not in a way that she’s enabled to go off and do damage to herself.

Well, M.C. isn’t a professional counselor. Maybe the beauty was helping the only way she knew how.

The Florence, Italy resident went on to complain:

“Mariah just doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It’s always been that way.”

Hmm… Mariah’s selfishness has been brought up before. Apparently the mom of two wasn’t helpful when Alison struggled with HIV.

But wait, that’s not at all — listen to Morgan refer to his sis as a “monster” who he’s “afraid of” (below)!

Wow! We can understand why these two haven’t spoken for six years. We doubt this relationship will ever be repaired based off this convo.

So, do YOU believe Mr. Carey?

[Image via Inside Edition/Instagram.]

Sep 1, 2016 7:39pm PST

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