YouTube Sucks! All Your Favorite Channels Are In Danger Under TERRIBLE New Censorship Guidelines!

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UPDATE! 8:04 PM EST: YouTube denies there has been a policy change, or a change in enforcement. A spokesperson said:

“While our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication to our creators.”

Probably not the best business model…

YouTube is one of the most successful websites on the Internet with thousands of vloggers generating BILLIONS in revenue each year.

Unfortunately, the Google-owned streaming service just made a HUGE change that’s slowly going into effect that could mean the end of even the biggest YouTubers.

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Apparently, YouTube just changed the guidelines for its advertising model that makes it nearly impossible for content creators to make money off their videos if they feature anything even slightly controversial!

And we’re not just talking violence, or profanity, or nudity… topics like politics and natural disasters are potentially off limits as well!

Seriously, based on these new rules, you’re not allowed to even TALK about anything remotely negative! See a screen grab of the complete guidelines (below):

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“Sexual humor”? “Profanity”? “Controversial subjects”? Why is YouTube suddenly becoming G-rated??

While uploading a video containing any sort of presumed negativity won’t get your material deleted, it could lose its monetization without even a warning.

We know… this is SUPER confusing — but luckily, mega YouTuber Philip DeFranco broke the whole thing down on Wednesday in a video that may just end up making him no money.

Ch-ch-check out Sxephil’s concise explanation of the outrageous change (below)!!!

[Image via Philip DeFranco/YouTube/Google Support via Gizmodo.]

Sep 1, 2016 11:34am PDT

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