Blake Shelton Builds Gwen Stefani A Hawaiian-Style Resort House In His Small Oklahoma Hometown As Marriage Rumors Circulate!

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Will this be Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani‘s forever home?!

Forget El Lay or New York, the pair may be partial to Tishomingo, Oklahoma — where Blake already has a 1,200 acre ranch — after Blake built his love a Hawaiian-style lake house there, making everybody think this couple is looking long-term at the small town!

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The country star is from the area, of course, but with the real estate investment and current construction being done on the paradise-type lake house for Gwen, it’d appear the pair isn’t too keen on living anywhere else!

The lakefront home has all the essentials, including a pool overlooking the spacious backyard and open water, but it’s also got three tiki hut-style guest houses built in on the property, too — a sign Blake is happy to win Gwen’s Oklahoma heart by making plenty of space for her family and friends to come visit!

One local resident, speaking to Daily Mail, shared that all things sounded perfect for the pair (below):

“We’ve seen Blake here several times. He wants it finished in time for their wedding as the ideal gift for Gwen. It’s going to be a place to have some fun when they’re not at his ranch. He’s been keeping an eye on how his property is coming along, making sure everything is perfect. Gwen and her boys have been here just once and they were very excited to look around and hear what it’s going to be like. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy themselves. The Hawaiian theme is very unique. There’s nothing else like it.”


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And with a home and a new, blended family comes all the marriage rumors, too — and Tishomingo residents sound pretty excited about the pair potentially shacking up, and making it official, in the small town!

The pair has already reportedly hired a wedding planner, as reports continue to circulate that they could get married in the small Oklahoma city, either at Blake’s ranch, or somewhere else in town.

Locals, like 69-year-old Jerri Jo Wright, were already talking about the wedding like it was a done deal, too:

“Blake Shelton has been helping the local area a great deal. When he has his wedding with Gwen Stefani it will bring lots of interest to the area, it’s going to be a big deal. Then he’s going to open a restaurant and that’s going to help improve things too.”

Dayummmm, hold your horses, girl! LOLz!!

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All that said, Tishomingo has struggled since Blake and Miranda Lambert split up, after she closed down her businesses in town and sold the buildings back to Shelton — so an injection of some celeb lovin’ from Gwen couldn’t hurt!

Kim Jones, another resident of the town, added:

“Blake is trying really hard to make sure our little town doesn’t suffer because of their divorce. I think some of our merchants are feeling the strain, but we’re confident Blake’s going to do something big to bring the town back up.”

Then again, nobody in town much liked Miranda, at least according to Jeff Burns, the owner of a local gift shop who dished on the singer that left town last year after her split with the country crooner:

“Nobody in this town liked Miranda Lambert. I used to work for her, I was her farm manager and personal assistant. She’s just a young girl with a lot of money. All of us think it has to do with your bringing up. Her mom’s a b*tch and she likes to think she’s the star. When Miranda was here her shop was just full of stuff imported from China and it catered to girls and women, but a restaurant, a family restaurant, everybody eats, of any class. Miranda’s stuff was all for middle class and upper class people, not working folk.”

Whoa! Tell us how you really feel, Jeff!!

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All that said, the locals are ready for the supposed wedding — whenever it happens.

Cordell Hines, the pastor of Tishomingo’s First Assembly of God Church, said he was hopeful his place of worship might just be the ceremony location one day:

“This is a beautiful church. A nice place with nice people. Blake’s a hometown kinda guy. We can marry him if he asks. It only seats 300 people though, 250 comfortably! He’s done a lot of stuff for the town, the community really loves him and they’re honored he has chosen to make it such a special place for he and Gwen.”


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Sounds like a small town match made in heaven — will the two superstar celebs step up to the plate?!

Guess we’ll have to wait and find out!!

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Sep 2, 2016 10:01am PDT

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