Kirstie Alley Reveals The Big Mistake That Led To Her 80-Pound Weight Gain!

Kirstie Alley gets candid about her weight gain!

Kirstie Alley is loving her healthier lifestyle!

It was just earlier this year the actress opened up about how she dropped 50 pounds with the help of Jenny Craig. Now in a new interview with People, the 65-year-old has decided to get candid about what led her to her dramatic weight gain in the first place.

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In 2009, it was reported the star gained 83 pounds, and she says one very big mistake was to blame:

“It’s not in my nature to plan. I’m a very spontaneous person, and that’s how I got fat.”

Kirstie continued, “if you travel a lot and you’re wined and dined and you love holidays.”

So as you may have guessed, the holidays were a tough time for the gorgeous celeb. She elaborated:

“I always joked that my holidays lasted from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, and maybe even into Valentines Day. I would think it was okay for me to eat whatever I wanted during those months… It was very social and joyous, like, ‘I’m going to have a big Halloween party and have caramel apples,’ but then I realized, ‘Wow, that’s your real trap zone.’ So I still do the holiday thing, but I’ve learned something that wasn’t in my vocabulary before, and that’s a little bit of ‘discipline.'”

It’s not easy, but Alley has clearly been putting in work — and we can’t help but notice how happy she’s been sounding in recent months!

The star confessed:

“I love doing Jenny Craig and being their spokesperson. I’m not exaggerating when I say my consultant is my lifesaver! She has taught me how to maintain my weight fairly effortlessly.”

More power to her for finding something that works for her!

She looks great, and she always has!

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Sep 2, 2016 1:05pm PDT

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