Renée Zellweger Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors By Revealing The Real Reason She Looked SO Different In 2014!

renee zellweger talks plastic surgery rumors

Renée Zellweger has spoken!

After being absent from the big screen for around six years, the blonde beauty is making her grand return for the third installment of the Bridget Jones franchise. AH-Mazing!

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Of course, with any big budget movie comes the daunting press tour. So it was only a matter of time Miz Zellweger would address the controversy surrounding her seemingly altered appearance from back in 2014. While many speculated the Oscar winner had plastic surgery, Renée explained her highly talked about look was due to her being preoccupied with some sad news. Huh.

The Bridget Jones’s Baby star shared:

“I’d been staying with a friend in Los Angeles and the month before she’d been diagnosed with ALS [a neurological disease]. The reason I went to that event was that she wanted me to go, so she could be on the red carpet with me and prove to herself she wasn’t being defeated by this terrible disease. And that’s what I was thinking about that day. I wasn’t thinking about what I looked like or what people thought. I was thinking about my friend.”

Ummmm, okay. While we have spotted some physical changes to the A-lister over the years, we can’t deny the affect stress can have on the body.

Not to mention, the 47-year-old has been pretty vocal about being okay with aging in Hollywood and she even added:

“I think a woman only gets more interesting as she gets older. Youth and superficial beauty have their place and that is, understandably, celebrated to a degree. But that’s so fleeting and it’s only for a moment in your life… As you mature, you’re not just getting older, you’re becoming more of who you are supposed to be, and becoming the best version of yourself, better and more interesting. It’s a more powerful beauty and it’s a more valuable beauty. Besides ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I don’t want to stay the same! I’m curious about what comes next!”

Hear! Hear!

Unfortunately, we have a feeling Ren├â┬⌐e’s fans are going to be a bit dissatisfied with her answer — especially after the internet responded so virally to her supposedly new “wider eyed” look.

Nonetheless, we’re just happy to have Ren├â┬⌐e and Bridget Jones back in our movie theatres!

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Sep 2, 2016 9:36am PDT

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