One Bachelor In Paradise Contestant Regrets Her Choices — While Another Offers Her Virginity In The Fantasy Suite! Get The Pre-Finale Deets!

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It’s the final week on Bachelor In Paradise, and things are getting cray cray!

One contestant offers up her virginity for a fantasy suite, another leaves the show after regretting an early-season breakup, and we have multiple engagements coming down tonight, according to previews!

Let’s get down to what happened Monday night on BiP, ICYMI!

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It all starts (and ends) with poor Izzy Goodkind, who clearly regrets dumping Vinny Ventiera for Brett Melnick.

At the time, she did it because Brett was a looker (with a lamp), but as it turns out now, he’s just not that into her — and he tells her that straight up in a brutal conversation!

We get it, though — he doesn’t want to lead her on, and he instead indicates he’s into schoolteacher (and total cutie) Lauren Himle.

Izzy — who immediately tells the camera she feels like “an idiot” for dumping something real with Vinny for this, is horrified.

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Determined, she leaves the show in an attempt to win Vinny back — only in the car ride to the airport, where she’s hoping to fly to Florida and meet him, things don’t really go as planned.

She calls Vinny, who answers and tells her:

“Uhh, obviously what happened, it really just f*cking blindsided me … You wanted to throw it all away to some guy with a f*cking lamp. It was pretty shallow. When that happened, the feelings I had just f*cking went out the window. I just can’t be with somebody like that. For me, there’s really just no coming back from what happened.”

Oops! Adios, Izzy!

(BTW, Izzy got so emotionally stung by Vinny’s takedown, she literally had them stop the car to vomit. Repeatedly. Gross.)

Oh, and Brett ditched Lauren at the rose ceremony, citing no connection with any of the women — so that one’s over, too!

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Meanwhile, poor Wells Adams has to choose between Ashley Iaconetti, Shushanna Mkrtychyan, and Jami Letain.

Shushanna kicked things off here, and made an easy decision for him — backing away from Wells and saying:

“I don’t want this. I don’t fight for guys. Hearing that all the other girls are, like, hunting. I just feel like I’m in the wrong place right now.”

No kidding — but when Wells didn’t go and beg her to stay, that actually made her more angry:

“A real man will come down and say, ├óΓé¼╦£You’re not going anywhere. I’m grabbing your hand, you’re gonna go back with me because I want you there.’ People die, people lose their family and kids, and you’re talking about some bulls–t love right now. It’s so stupid!”

That it is, Shushanna. That it is.

As for Jami, Wells chose Ashley at the rose ceremony, so it looks like Miz Letain says bye-bye once again… poor girl, we hardly knew ya!

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Oh, and Wells picked the legendary emotional virgin to take into the final night?! That ought to make for an interesting fantasy suite…

…if the pair can even get there.

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Ashley got all high and mighty about potentially losing her virginity to Wells during their fantasy suite date, only to have it all fizzle out before her very eyes — and before the date could even begin!

The poor guy was nervous about taking the virginity of a woman who he had just been on two dates with (totally understandable), and he dumped her on the spot, forcing both of them to leave paradise in search of love elsewhere.


But four couples — Jen Saviano and Nick Viall; Lace Morris and Grant Kemp; Evan Bass and Carly Waddell; and Josh Murray and Amanda Stantondid have fantasy dates that went… mostly… well?

…Well, the parts they showed us before tonight’s finale, anyways! LOLz!

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Nick and Jen look to be heading off to fantasy suite land with a good connection, but trouble is brewing underneath with Viall — who, of course, is your next Bachelor — saying:

“It does make me nervous that the last time I expressed any feelings to anyone was in an environment like this, but you’re the only reason I’m still here. I need to figure out if Jen and I have a real shot outside of Paradise. It’s a huge commitment.”

Jen could feel that, too, and sounded concerned that even despite their connection, Nick’s walls were still up, which led her to say ominously:

“Hopefully [the fantasy suite] gives us the push we need. And that I’ll wake up tomorrow having a much better idea of what direction we’re going.”


As for Lace and Grant, they hit up a random Mexican tattoo parlor to get “Grace” inked on their wrists!

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After a little bit of hesitation by Lace, they went through with it!

But the bigger news was that Lace FINALLY told the hunky firefighter about her feelings, saying:

“You mean a lot to me, and I’m really happy, and it’s just crazy to think about how well we fit together. You have truly made me realize that you’re a man that’s hard to come by and I’m super lucky. You make me love myself and it’s because of you. And I want you to know I love you.”

The cutest!

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Meanwhile, Evan and Carly might be the single strongest couple at BiP right now, with the pair exchanging “I love yous” while doing on a painting date at the beginning of their fantasy suite.

They’re a weird match, but a good one, and it sounds like the pair are ready to get it on overnight, with Carly saying:

“Tonight is the fantasy suite and you know when you love someone, you … how do I phrase that so my dad won’t have a heart attack?”

Something about birds and bees maybe?

Finally, Josh and Amanda played soccer with some cute little kids at the beginning of their fantasy suite date, a good jumping-off point for Josh to discuss how much he loves children.

That’s a trait Amanda needs in a man, of course — and she sounded like she expected BIG things coming out of the suite by the end of it all:

“If he doesn’t propose, I would be disappointed.”

Tell us how you really feel, girl!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Bachelor in Paradise ends TONIGHT and there are supposed to be a couple different engagements — who gets hitched?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!

Don’t forget to watch the finale TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC!

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