Hacked Traffic Sign Gives Drivers Crazy NSFW Messages — Road Closed Due To Zombie WHAT?!

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Look out ahead for zombie d*ck!

Residents of a small town in Canada driving down a local road on Monday noticed something very inneresting flashing on a road closure sign — and now, officials are left to figure out what happened!

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A traffic sign on the city of Stittsville’s Hazeldean Road was apparently hacked, and some bad guy posted a sketchy warning of a throng of zombies — er, well, zombie d*cks!

No, really!

Ch-ch-check out d*cktastic video of the NSFW sign taken yesterday (below):

Modern vandalism #zombiedicks #usecondoms #funny #zombie #ottawa #canada #roadsign #safesex #news #prank #warningA video posted by Matt Sweeting-Woods (@thesweetwoods) on Sep 5, 2016 at 4:43am PDT


Cops don’t yet know when (or how) the sign was hacked.

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Sgt. Dan Berrea of the Ottawa police confirmed to reporters that as the sign is being reprogrammed, authorities won’t open an investigation unless they receive a complaint.

Too funny!!

Sep 6, 2016 6:14pm PDT

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