5 Things We Learned About JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey’s Cold Murder Case Thanks To Revealing New Documentary!

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True crime TV shows are all the rage thanks to the widely popular podcast, Serial, and the hit Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer — and now we’re getting not one, but THREE programs dedicated to solving JonBen├â┬⌐t Ramsey‘s 1996 murder!

You may be aware that earlier this year, CBS announced they would be doing a docuseries that would focus entirely on the infamous unsolved murder.

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Interestingly enough, A&E beat the major network to the punch with their documentary titled The Killing of JonBenét: The Truth Uncovered that aired Monday night.

And it had some EXTREMELY interesting details…

Ch-ch-check out all the highlights (below) and let us know your thoughts and theories on the cold case!

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1. JonBen├â┬⌐t’s Father Still Claims Innocence & Author Talks False Leaked Info

John has had to maintain his innocence regarding his daughter’s murder after over 20 years as he admitted, “Twenty years later, there’s still people who believe I killed JonBen├â┬⌐t.”

John is now remarried, but his late wife, Patsy Ramsey, faced similar accusations until she passed away from ovarian cancer in 2006; it wasn’t until 2008 that Patsy and John were removed from the suspect list.

Speaking of the press going after John and Patsy, author Paula Woodward talked a bit about information that was leaked to the press that caused the accusations saying:

“Not a single leak was true: There was no snow around the house. No handwriting expert has ever concluded that Patsy wrote the [ransom] notes. John didn’t leave the home that evening, nor was any porn found.”


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2. Burke Ramsey’s Unaired Interview Footage

Some of the more interesting footage shown during the docuseries was that of the former pageant contestant’s brother when he was being interviewed by investigators.

The footage, which had stayed unaired before the A&E program, showed the 9-year-old trying to sit still as authorities asked the boy why he stayed in his room while his sister went missing to which he replied, “Because I was just so scared.” Aw!

What’s crazy is Burke was once thought to be a suspect in the cast before DNA evidence cleared him. Of course John always thought the idea was ridiculous as he shared:

“The accusation that Burke is some violent 90-pound, 9-year-old-child ├óΓé¼┬ª is laughable. I’m sorry ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I can’t think of a better word. It’s absurd.”

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3. The Use Of A Stun Gun

Getting new takes on a case is always interesting which is why A&E had a slew of investigators and experts go through past evidence and one of the items was a stun gun! When the victim was found, she had two wounds on her face and back that some believed were the result of a stun gun.

In the past, however, there were some that believed the marks could have been caused by Burke’s railroad toy. Expert Stewart Hamilton had something to say about that theory though as he revealed the scenario was:

“Highly unlikely. ├óΓé¼┬ª It’s a lot bigger than the train track marks. Frankly, it borders on fanciful.”

So that further clears Ramsey’s little brother…

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4. New DNA Evidence Points To Unidentified Male

The meat of it all came when DNA of an unidentified man was found on JonBen├â┬⌐t in two locations. Not only did this help prove John and Patsy’s innocence, but forensic scientist Lawrence Kobalinsky admitted:

“I think that the unescapable conclusion is that an unidentified male committed this crime. As soon as there’s a hit, he will be nailed, and that solves the crime.”

Obviously DNA evidence and technology has come a long way since JonBen├â┬⌐t’s murder, but expert Richard Eikelenboom talked a bit about how today’s tech might help solve the case saying:

“What you could do is look for people related to this person.”

Interestingly enough, this was right before Richard went on to suggest that the DNA of the unidentified man may not be “from a Caucasian background.”


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5. Suspect List Narrowed Down To 50 Or 60

Sadly, Detective Lou Smit who performed quite a bit of research on the case over the last couple decades passed away in 2010, but his daughter was on hand to share some insight! Smit’s daughter dished:

“Lou was working this case up until the day he died. ├óΓé¼┬ª He was very concerned that it was going to die with him. He started doing a lot of the investigation on his own. ├óΓé¼┬ª But his frustration there was that he had absolutely no investigative powers at all.”

What are your thoughts on Monday night’s documentary?!

If you’re itching to learn more about Ramsey’s case, you can always keep your eyes peeled for CBS’ The Case Of: Jon Ben├â┬⌐t Ramsey, as well as Investigation Discovery‘s JonBen├â┬⌐t: An American Murder Mystery!

[Image via A&E/FayesVision/WENN.]

Sep 6, 2016 10:57am PDT

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