Mindy Kaling’s Brother Releases A Preview Of His Race Hoax Memoir & His Slanderous Claims Against The Comedienne Will Shock You!

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Mindy Kaling must be furious right now!

A little more than a year after Mindy’s estranged brother Vijay Chokal-Ingam revealed his elaborate race hoax to get into medical school, he debuted his tell-all memoir detailing the scam.

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In the first look at Almost Black, Vijay recalls how prestigious universities basically begged him to attend their institutions after he listed himself as black rather than Indian-American on his applications. The controversial author also went on to DRAG his famous sis for her alleged participation in the lies.

Before we get into the damning chapter, we need to review the CRAZY back story of this scandal. Seriously, we can’t make this shizz up!

Essentially, Vijay applied to a bunch of med schools only to be waitlisted by all of them. Instead of trying again like most people would, V.C.I. cooked up the wild idea to depict himself as black on his applications while retaining the same academic profile as he had before.

Long story short, the plot worked and Vijay went as far to alter his appearance while attending UCLA. Mr. Ingam even joined the Organization of Black Students.

Following the insane story, Mindy’s rep denied she had any knowledge of her brother’s deception, a claim Vijay adamantly denies in the book preview. Apparently the comedienne was in on it the entire time!

According to the grad, Kaling advised him to not apply to Dartmouth, the college she attended at the time. Mindy allegedly expressed fears that people on campus would discover the hoax and it would jeopardize her beloved comic-strip, Badly Drawn Girl.

In a supposed conversation Mindy had with Vijay in an attempt to dissuade him from applying, she reasoned:

“The thing about it is that my name is out in the Dartmouth community. And Hanover is like really, really ridiculously small. I’m like totally a public fgure there. Everyone knows me and knows I’m Indian. I’m not Janet Jackson’s cousin or even her fourth cousin twice removed. And since we have the same last name├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥obviously not a common one in Hanover, New Hampshire–I might point out–it’s entirely possible, maybe even likely, that someone at the medical school would figure out we’re siblings. Then we’re both screwed. I lose Badly Drawn Girl and you’re deported to Mumbai.”


In another alleged convo, the funny gal even commended her brother for coming up with the crazy idea:

“‘… You know, Vij, despite some of these hiccups, this whole scam of yours is actually pretty cool. It’s surprisingly funny. I’m proud of you. I honestly didn’t know you had a sense of humor.’

If didn’t know better, I would a thought that my terminally cool-er-than-thou little sister had just given me a compliment. I heard the ice cracking on the River Styx.

‘I might want to write a story about this someday,’ she suggested.”

To make matters worse, the scandalized sibling hinted that M.K. might have a drinking problem. The shady insinuation was revealed when Vijay recalled first asking the beauty about Dartmouth:

“‘Do you think I should apply to Dartmouth Med?’

Mindy went on about a hot physician she’d met on a trip to the hospital for “gastroenteritis.” That’s what you get when you have to slink into the hospital for drinking too much.”

Dayum… we don’t even know what to say!

So, do YOU believe Ingam’s claims?

[Image via Instagram/Almost Black.]

Sep 6, 2016 7:37pm PDT

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