Teacher Singing Her Syllabus To Parodies Of Rihanna, Drake, & More Will Make You Glad You’re Not A Teen Today — Watch!

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Rachel Berry did not fall from Broadway gracefully…

We thought it was weird that 2016 didn’t have a stand out Song of the Summer… but that’s because we were apparently waiting for school to start to be blessed with this mess.

Your high school-aged kids probably thought they had it bad when they were forced to go back to school last week, but at least they aren’t these students!

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Unfortunately for a select room of overly polite teens, a teacher named Ms. Wittle is going viral after trying her best to connect to her kids during the first day of school with parodies of today’s hottest artists.

Apparently, the teacher thought singing her syllabus to hits by Drake, Rihanna, Fifth Harmony, and even Carrie Underwood would make her hip… but it only made her students cringe. (Our money’s on the 3D laser light show being what set it over-the-top.)

The best part?? The whole thing lasted for at least 8 minutes… and that’s only what they caught on tape!

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Prepare to experience the most secondhand embarrassment of your life.

[Note: After sitting through this a first time, please go back and focus your attention on the girl sitting behind the guy with the camera. She is all of us.]

Once again, you’re welcome.

Ch-ch-check out the very best viral video the Internet has to offer today (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Sep 6, 2016 1:22pm PDT

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