Warner Bros. Tried To Get Their Own Website Taken Down For Copyright Infringement!

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Warner Bros. is on the hook for common sense infringement! Ha!

Recently, the studio requested that Google remove another wave of web pages from its search results, citing copyright violation — a typical request from big studios.

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On the list WB submitted, it asked the search engine to remove links to legitimate streaming sites like Amazon and Sky, movie database IMDB, and even its OWN website because of copyright infringement!


The company Vobile was hired by the entertainment giant to do copyright sweeps, and they’re the ones who issued the laughable takedown notices.

Ch-ch-check out snippets of the funny new notice (below)!

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If you look closely at the photo, you can see Vobile flagged the official Warner Bros. sites for Batman: The Dark Knight and The Matrix! Whoops!

Something tells us this is another example of a company trying to rely on a computer doing its dirty work and epically failing.

We mean, there’s no way a human could have messed up this big, right?

[Image via Lumen.]

Sep 6, 2016 6:27pm PST

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