An Emotional Abby Lee Miller Admits She’s ‘Scared To Death’ Of Prison After Pleading Guilty To Bankruptcy Fraud

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Well, maybe Abby Lee Miller should have thought ahead before committing fraud!

In a conversation with the Allegedly podcast on Tuesday, the Dance Moms star discussed her fears about prison and the “mistakes” she made regarding her bankruptcy fraud case. The remorseful interview comes on the heels of Miller pleading GUILTY to fraud charges in June.

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According to Abby, she’s “scared to death” of going to jail for the stupid choices she made. It’s a legitimate fear considering A.L.M. copped to hiding $775K worth of assets from the government in addition to smuggling oodles of cash into America after a trip to Australia.

Speaking on the error of her ways, Abby confessed:

“It’s a fact of life, I made mistakes. I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought I had guidance. I thought I was on the up and up, and I wasn’t.”

Hmm… it sorta sounds like the dance instructor is admitting her guilt while also passing the blame on others. Very inneresting!

Luckily for our sanity, the outspoken gal later cleared up her wishy-washy comments by saying she was 100% “wrong”:

“If I can be an example from other people, you really have to learn. … I did all the things I thought I should do, and I still screwed up, big-time. I’m not going to deny anything, they were my mistakes. I am taking full responsibility for them, I have to. There’s no passing the buck. … If I did it wrong, I was wrong.”

Phew! At least the controversial celeb is taking accountability!

As for those jail worries, Ms. Miller is consulting a specialist hired by her attorneys in Pittsburgh to help her deal. Other than the specialist, Abby admits she has no one else to lean on.

The 49-year-old went on to describe her support-system:

“I have great friends, unfortunately they’re around the country, they’re not here. It used to be the moms until recently and I don’t know, you know.”

Well, it’s obvious things aren’t going so well for the troubled star!

Summing up the trying situation, Abby complained:

“I didn’t set out to do anything wrong. I want people to know that I’m human … I’ve been through hell.”

Oh, girl… maybe you should hold-off on interviews until your December 2 court date. Silence is golden!

We’ll keep you updated as this case progresses.

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Sep 7, 2016 1:56pm PST

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