This Baby Momma Drama Twitter Hoax Is The Best Viral Story Since Zola! MUST READ!

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They didn’t quite break the Internet… but Twitter will just have to suffice!

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly a year since the story of Zola and her traumatizing trip to Florida first went viral, and it seems like the social media site missed having a tantalizing tale to tell.

That’s because a new long-form feud began trending on Tuesday, and it comes complete with just as many twists and turns!

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Okay. So all the NSFW baby momma drama started when 18-year-old Shantasia Phillips accused relatively well-known tweeter Kyle Harris — aka KyleGotJokes — of getting her pregnant with a pretty damning ultrasound pic:

She brought the receipts!

While the 25-year-old didn’t deny sleeping with Shantasia, he defended himself saying the pair used a condom, claiming:

But wait…


This is where things get taken to an entirely different level, because Kyle actually goes out of his way to admit to having a girlfriend, posting:

Bold strategy.

Naturally, Kyle’s girlfriend Bren├â┬í J was quick to block his number after he clearly confessed to cheating, which prompted a series of regretful tweets from the baby daddy in question, including:


By this point in the day, Shantasia and Kyle were trending topics across the globe… which explains why it was so easy for Twitter to discover the entire pregnancy was just a hoax!

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Apparently, Shantasia was just jealous about Kyle and Bren├â┬í’s budding romance, so she used a prank app to doctor a fake ultrasound, telling Buzzfeed:

“[I did it to] break up his relationship with his current girlfriend, which happened, so I guess it worked. [I’m just] happy to not be pregnant by him!”

Too bad Kyle didn’t realize that before ruining his own relationship with some real adultery!

Bren├â┬í’s thoughts on the matter??

Fair enough.

We absolutely LIVE for this digital drama!!!

What do U think about Twitter’s latest masterpiece??

[Image via Shantasia Phillips/Twitter.]

Sep 7, 2016 4:12pm PDT

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