This Grease Fan Theory Is ELECTRIFYING Our Minds Right Now!

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Um… what???

When we heard a fan theory about the original high school musical Grease was starting to go viral, we just had to look into it.

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And OMG it’s amazing!

According to an imgur user trying to make sense of the ending — in which Sandy and Danny’s car flies away for no reason — another way to read the entire film is…

Sandy was dead the whole time!

That’s right, in a Jacob’s Ladder style twist, the entire story takes place inside the mind of Sandy as she’s dying! But why would anyone think that??

Well, we’ll tell you about it, stud. The Occurrence At Rydell High all started in the summer…

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See, when Danny explains how he and Sandy met, he tells the story of how he saved her life when she almost drowned.

According to mad genius Atomicbolt, what really happened is Danny failed to save her. She drowned that day. No summer days, no summer nights, all drifting away…

And as she died, as the last remaining oxygen left her brain, she had a prolonged dream of an entire year of high school — a colorful fantasy in which she met the hunky guy trying to save her at her new high school… where everyone sang and danced their feelings for some reason…

Getting the picture?

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Everything gets crazier and crazier — dances and races and pink hair — until finally in her last moments she sees herself flying away…

…to heaven!

Well, we don’t know why it took three years to go viral, but we’ve definitely heard crazier theories — haven’t we, John Travolta?? Ha!

What do YOU think of the wild theory??

[Image via Paramount Pictures.]

Sep 7, 2016 6:56pm PDT

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