Fat-Freezing Company Fires Back At Kylie Jenner For Threatening Legal Action Over Look-Alike Billboards!

Kylie Jenner isn't going to be happy.

Yikes! Kylie Jenner isn’t going to like this!

As we previously reported, the teen’s famous family had their legal team fire off letters to a fat-burning company looking to make money off the starlet with new billboards popping up around Los Angeles starring a look-alike model.

Not good.

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But TMZ reports Doctor FatOff isn’t backing down, according to a letter fired off to Kylizzle’s lawyers. It states the model Cassandra Groscost, who is “primarily Latina and Indian,” is an aspiring singer/model and happens to be the daughter of one of the company’s managers.

Plus, it goes on to claim they in no way sought out to hire a model with a similar appearance to the 19-year-old:

“Cassandra is a beautiful and talented young lady, and neither the companies nor Cassandra intended in any way to cause confusion or any comparison or similarity with Ms. Jenner. As you have seen from the advertising, there is no attribution nor any visuals or words that in any way tend to confuse the public or take advantage of Ms. Jenner’s fame or success.”

In fact, they say the billboard isn’t going anywhere.

It’ll be interesting to see if and how Kylie or Kris Jenner‘s lawyers fire back after hearing this.

See the campaign (below) and let us know whose side you’re on!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 7, 2016 10:00am PST

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