Lindsay Lohan Gets To Keep Her Engagement Ring As A Sort Of ‘Severance Package’ Following Her Split With Egor Tarabasov!

lindsay lohan keeping engagement ring

Lindsay Lohan may be down one fianc├â┬⌐, but she’s keeping her engagement ring!

While it’s customary for the person who called off the engagement to relinquish the rights to the ring, it seems Egor Tarabasov is more than willing to let his former flame keep the emerald dazzler he gave her. We mean, after the Russian businessman was caught getting physical with LiLo it’s the least he can do!

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According to PageSix, Miz Lohan is expected to keep the $300,000 ring as a sort of “severance package” from Tarabasov. Hmm, very inneresting!

In fact, one source close to the Mean Girls star’s ex dished:

“That’s her severance package. When she runs out of money, she can sell it on 47th Street for $60,000.”

WHOA! Talk about throwing shade!

Of course, this update follows Egor’s parents’ threat to freeze his trust fund. Apparently, the Tarabasovs aren’t thrilled with the drama surrounding their son and are ready for him to get serious. An insider noted:

“The father has told Egor, ‘You had your Hollywood fling, now it’s time to move on to a Russian girl and start working.’ The father is considering, as a last resort, to freeze his trust fund in order to get some sense into him.”

Perhaps Egor’s family thinks if Lohan can keep the ring, their son can cut all ties with the A-lister? Who knows.

Regardless, we honestly think a bit of hard work would do Tarabasov some good. Not to mention, we’re glad Lindsay gets to keep the ring as she’s been relatively attached to it these days. Sigh!

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Sep 7, 2016 8:41am PDT

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