Michael Douglas Jokes About Longtime Love Catherine Zeta Jones Rejecting His First Proposal

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

The best things in life are worth waiting for!

We all know that romantic spot in Aspen where Michael Douglas proposed to his love Catherine Zeta Jones — but we didn’t realize she made him work for it!

Turns out, the 46-year-old actress turned down the Fatal Attraction star’s initial proposal back in 2000… Playin’ hard to get girl, we see you!

During an interview on ITV‘s Lorraine on Tuesday, the 71-year-old recounted the story of getting CZJ to agree to marry him:

“I proposed to her in Aspen, it was December 31, 1999, so I would never forget. Both of us were sick as dogs because we had flu. I proposed to her at the turn of 2000. She said no…”

Well, we all know how that turned out!

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Despite a brief split in 2013, the parents of Carys, 13, and Dylan, 16, are happier than ever!

And we’re sure the pressure of Douglas’ throat cancer diagnosis back in 2010 has certainly been relieved now that he’s better and back to work — something he wasn’t sure would happen.

He told the outlet:

“I thought I’d never work again. When you are waiting to find out if you are cancer free or not. You go through your chemo, your radiation and you’ve lost a dramatic amount of weight and once this is all processed once this is all done, there is that moment you go back in to be tested and all that to find out whether you’re in good shape or not so sure there is always a moment.”

When asked if he thought his treatment changed him, Michael responded:

“Well I don’t know if it’s everything that happened but certainly you get older. And if you’ve had a cancer bout, you don’t take time for granted you kind of choose more selectively how you are going to spend your time. You just kind of get on with it, don’t you.”

The legendary actor is now five-years cancer-free after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy — and is set to star in the Evening With Michael Douglas event at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London in October.

All is well that ends well!

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Sep 7, 2016 1:48pm PDT

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