Ted Cruz SLAMS President Obama For Supporting Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest!

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From sports to politics!

Colin Kaepernick may not receive a lot of press for his play this year, but his national anthem protest sure is getting people talking!

The San Francisco 49ers player has received a lot of flak for not standing during the national anthem to bring attention to police brutality and racial inequality.

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The 28-year-old’s actions even sparked a scathing response from Donald Trump and more recently, some support from President Barack Obama — something Ted Cruz is NOT happy about!

TMZ recently caught up with Cruz and inquired about Colin’s decision to sit. Presumably happy anyone wants to talk to him at all, the 45-year-old former Presidential candidate took the opportunity to rant about the NFL star’s actions:

“You know, it’s sad when you see rich, spoiled athletes that don’t recognize what an incredible blessing this country is. You know, it’s very easy when when you’re sitting there rolling in millions of dollars to disrespect this country. I come from a different perspective. I come from a different perspective of my dad was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba, and America meant what it’s meant for millions across the globe. It’s meant hope, it’s meant freedom.

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It was at this point that Cruz decided he’d go after the POTUS as well:

“And I gotta say I was disappointed to see President Obama stand with Kaepernick and say, ├óΓé¼╦£That’s right, disrespect the flag.’ That’s not the job of the president. That’s not the job of the President, the President should be standing up for America and the President should be encouraging every American to honor the flag that so many have bled and died for, and to honor the freedom that it stands for.”

Oh, but there’s more!

When asked about other players following suit, Cruz addressed his overall opinion on the matter saying:

“We ought be all standing together in support of freedom and the constitution. And I think it’s a sad testament to where we are that people will disrespect the greatness that this country was built on.”

Hmmm, maybe Cruz is missing the point that Kaepernick isn’t protesting the “greatness this country was built on”, but rather talking about some important social issues that plague our nation today.

The “greatness this country was built on” is the freedom the QB has to sit.

What are YOUR thoughts on Colin sitting during the anthem?!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

Sep 7, 2016 9:25am PST

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