A Judge Awards RHONY Alum Jules Wainstein 10K A Month In Child Support… But Can Her Ex Pay?

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At least this case is moving forward!

A few months after Jules Wainstein and Michael Wainstein announced their split, a judge handed down a ruling in their contentious child support case.

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According to Radar Online, the reality star requested $25K a month to maintain her currently lifestyle. Per the docs, the momma wanted $9K in untaxed child support for their two children Rio and Jagger and $16K for her own expenses.

Luckily for J.W., the judge awarded the beauty $10K until he can look over Michael’s financial documents. The judge needs more time to assess Michael’s claim that’s he’s broke. Apparently, Mr. Wainstein alleges the negative publicity of the case have hurt his businesses and now his credit cards are frozen.

A source went on to describe:

“He said his businesses have suffered because of the publicity of the case, and that he has money judgements, and his credit cards are closed and in default. He said he does not have a monthly income because the apartment they rent is vacant. He said he can’t afford it beyond what he’s already paying.”

Hmm… maybe M.W.’s coworkers and business associates aren’t thrilled with his cheating?! Infidelity often rubs people the wrong way…

The insider added:

“The judge announced he needs documentation to back it up, so he’s holding off on a final ruling until the next dateHe needs statements of net worth.”

As for the $10K, Michael is already putting up a fight:

“His attorney insisted he was unable to pay it, but the judge said he’ll review everything and make a further ruling. Based on what was in front of him today that’s his ruling.”

Yikes! We guess we’ll have to wait and see how that one goes…

In addition to the $10K, the dad will also have to fork over money “for the utilities, nanny, cost of school for the children, $200 a week in grocery charges and Uber charges”.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about their awkward living situation, the judge slammed the parents for their lack of co-parenting and fighting:

“The judge said he wants them to have a respectful distance for the children primary concern. He said it does not serve them well if there is visible tension. He said if everyone stays where they need to go it’s better for everyone.”

The legal rep also ordered the parents to stay on separate floors of their brownstones until something else is worked out. The pair are also hashing out a custody schedule which will be forwarded to the judge tomorrow.

Sheesh, so much drama! We’ll keep you updated as we hear more info on this case.

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Sep 8, 2016 6:29pm PDT

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